A pioneering concept in Spain

Green&Burger has developed a pioneering concept in Spain: the first veggie, gourmet and healthy burger restaurant.

An innovative restaurant model.

The best quality in all our products, with the incorporation of biological products.

Original and varied menu, with delicious and healthy dishes.

Training provided by Green&Burger.

Join the Green Revolution!

Starting a unique and healthy burger restaurant focused on the growing market trend and demand. We base our strategy on a business model capable of satisfying and caring for people, always with a commitment to the environment.

The basis of our profitability has as its main axes: offering flavor and quality, healthy eating and a competitive price through optimized management.

Be part of a great family and team.

We help you find the best location and premises throughout Spain.

Close management and commitment to the product and people.

A team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience.

Do you want to start your own Green&Burger?

If you share a vegetarian, sustainable vision and are motivated to start a business with values, you are one of us. Applying our method, in a population of more than 50 thousand inhabitants and with an investment from €80,000.

Request more information and we will analyze the project: