A Dream, a Vision, a Mission.


We are tireless seekers of delicious and healthy recipes to nourish our body in every bite. Because health is our greatest wealth.

That was the goal we set for ourselves forty years ago and the one that continues to move us: revolutionize the way we eat.

And in doing so, bring balance, health and sustainability to people and the planet.

We believe that super people deserve superfoods.

Eating healthy is not incompatible with eating delicious, fun and creative ways… and believe us, we strive every day to make it a reality.

We know it is a challenge, but we have the experience and the ingredients to make it easy for you.

Together we can change the world.

Good, healthy food, ready to enjoy.

Local, fresh and quality products.

Creativity and fun are another ingredient in our dishes.

Respect the Planet and the beings that live on it, as a flag.

¡since 1980!

Yes, you heard right, 1980! The emblematic Biocenter is a benchmark for being one of the longest-established vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona.

How did it all start?
For the defense of a healthy and more sustainable life, with a group of young people with guts and a desire to change the world.

From there the Healthy Life Manifesto was born in 1975, paving the way for a long path of honest projects with values, such as Biocultura, the most recognized bio and eco fair in the country.

Young visionaries who offered alternatives aligned with the values they defended. Among them Teresa do Carmo, creator of Biocenter.